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Getting More Confidence & Self Esteem

Posted on: November 24, 2008

For some people confident is something they are born with, while for others it seem that being confident is something they have to work out & other even need some serious improvement.

self esteem

self esteem

Self esteem increases your confidence. By improving self esteem & confidence you will be able to improve your relationships and become happier in life.

By being more confident doesn’t make you as a selfish person, on the contrary if you are having a better self esteem & confident you’ll likely to contribute more and share yourself with people around you.

Here are some tips to build confidence & self esteem:

# Be grateful for all the blessing you’ve received — you can start with making the top three things. Despite what you are feeling, the more you realize that there are still good things you can thank God, the more comfort & self esteem you will get.
# Be helpful to others – Involve yourself with social activities around you. It is human nature that the more you help other, the more comfort & self esteem you feel within. By helping others you will feel precious as you can give more benefit for others.
# Be proud of your achievements & what you have accomplished.
# Mistake is only for giving your self a clue of what not to be done in the future, not to be an excuse to blame your self too much about it.
# Be as if you were confident – in a situation that makes you nervous but urge you to be confident, act as if you are a confident person. Just by pretending your brain will support your physical gesture of a confident person. If it still doesn’t work try to learn relaxation skills.
# In making a presentation or where you have to perform yourself, prepare thoroughly so that you can be sure you are ready to do it.
# Improve various aspects of your personal skills. Work on any skills you think you have & master it. You can never be over-trained or over-skilled for any sudden challenge in life. Success after all is the moment where your polished talents meet the right opportunity when people see you doing well on the current subject.
# Be careful what you say about yourself. Give a positive statement about your positive aspects will enhance self confident. The words you said will empower you under your consciousness to be a better confident person.
# Be careful what you say to others. More positive words & energy you radiate, the more positive words & energy you will get back.
# Accept the compliment you deserved from others (Sometimes it’s not as easy as it may sound for some people) When someone else giving you a nice compliment, just say ‘Thank you’ and embrace it.
# Give your self a reward you deserve. Make sure you give a proper gift to your self when you manage to achieve success, even in small scale. More respect to your self will reflect to others as a confident & self esteem. Be generous to your self.

Building esteem is an important step towards happier times to create our own life. Yes, we must start to take more responsibility in creating & living our own best life.


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