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You Nurture Nature, Nature Nurture You

Posted on: November 11, 2008

Why should we care?

Let’s just take a look on what’s really going on:

The Global Warming ProcessThe Global Warming Process
# The carbon dioxides (CO2) emission, caused by: Burning of fossil fuels (mainly for the power plant), Factory toxic contamination & air pollution, Vehicle Emission and High Increased World Population
# Forest Illegal logging & burning means cripple the earth’s lung in delivering clean air for all living being.
# Increased temperature on earth’s surface (land and water) causing increased natural disasters in quality & quantity: hurricane thunder storm, heat wave, and tide wave (such as: El Niño, Katrina, etc)

The Earth's Temperature RiseThe Earth Temperature Trend

# Increased rainfall intensity and relocation which means drought & flood happened in near distance location as well as irregular weather pattern.
# By 2007 there are 23 new hurricanes in the world, 11 of them is severe.
# Drastic melting in the north & south poles, as well as the snow on high mountains which could means the loss of around 40% fresh water.
# Extinction of more species, especially in the poles (polar bear) which would take the rest of wild habitat
# Increased quality & quantity in disease related to pest & virus vectors, such as Malaria, SARS, bird flu, etc.
# Increased level of ocean surface (1 meter in the last 100 years) which leads to the drowned small islands, narrowed beach & land.

do you want me to continue more of these overwhelming facts?

The point is that all the “normal” condition we take for granted all these years would not be experienced by our next generation! We will experience more drastic changes of weather & disease in our older times … We won’t be able to live “normal” again unless we make action to heal the earth’s big wound.

What we can contribute to Nurture Nature then?
Save more energy, be efficient & wise
Water use efficiency,
Paper & tissue efficiency
Fossil fuel efficiency
Expand to alternative green energy
Use nature friendly products
Recycle, Reduce & Reuse of Waste
Plant more trees
Tell more people to be aware of the real danger of Global Warming!

Plant More TreesPlant More Trees


2 Responses to "You Nurture Nature, Nature Nurture You"

While carbon footprint is bad, it is not the cause for the global warming. In fact, the earth is entering cool era.

Many think that global warming is a tool to sell carbon footprint quota.

People who really like to contribute to healthier environment should start to apply simple way to save energy. Because like it or not, most energy use is from fossil fuel burning.

Many people don’t realize that electricity today are generated by burning fossil fuel. There are plenty of ways to start reducing electricity without reducing comfort. One example are this:

Or by changing to more efficient vehicle or learn to drive more energy wise or improve your vehicle efficiency. Vehicle give out more pollution than industry!

Or by improving house heat shielding to save cooling or heating energy cost:


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  • Sucahyo: While carbon footprint is bad, it is not the cause for the global warming. In fact, the earth is entering cool era. Many think that global warming
  • sulisdyah: Nature is full of inspiration & proof of God's great creation!


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